Jane Adventures

Jane Goes to Salt Creek Beach

We love taking Jane around with us on the weekends. Prior to getting Jane we were really active people and enjoyed visiting beaches, new cities,  national parks, and all the new restaurants in town.  Needless to say, getting a dog really changes your lifestyle in many ways ( a topic for another day.)  Change is not always bad; it is just different. Our old favorite beaches are not dog-friendly, so we have found ourselves exploring new places.

One of the new places we have gone is Salt Creek Beach in Dana Point California. Although dogs are not allowed on the sand there is a short walking trail that follows the beach. Your sweet puppy can still feel sand along the path and smell the salty ocean air.  Jane loved rubbing her nose in the sand. By the end of the day, she was still covered in sand.

Although the walking trail at Salt Creek Beach is rather short, if you continue on the Salt Creek Trail you will enter into grassy areas with more walking for miles.

Even though dogs are not allowed on the beach, we did see many surfer dogs in the ocean at 6 AM. It did not seem that anyone was enforcing the rules at that time.




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