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Is Microchipping Your Dog Enough?


This week we had the largest scare. Jane escaped !!! One second she was there and next second she was running full speed away. She is way too fast to catch on foot, and thus we lost sight of her.

I was in such inner turmoil.  She is so fearless and never believes anything can harm her. I was afraid she would get hit by a car or eaten by a coyote. After a 2 grueling hours of searching for her. We found her attached to a leash of a good Samaritan. I was so overjoyed to see her. Of course Jane jumped in my arms and started giving me a million puppy kisses. Thus, I think she was happy to see me too. It turns out that Jane just jumped in the good Samaritan’s car. This is why we lost sight of her so quickly.

However, I could not help but wonder if our search could of been shorter if we did not rely on the microchip. Since Jane  has a microchip we have always been under the impression that if she is ever lost she will get scanned and returned to us. Thus we never bought a tag with her name and phone number. She wears a collar,but no tag is attached.

The first thing the good Samaritan said was ” I did not know what to do; She didn’t have a tag.” Since Jane did not have a tag the good Samaritan and I were both searching for hours for each other until our paths finally crossed. However, if she had a tag we could of been called immediately .

Well that night we ordered a collar and a tag that has her information on it.  I want to make sure our pup has every advantage if she ever gets lost again. After this experience my personal view is that a microchip is just another line of defense, but not enough.

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