Can Your Dog’s Collar Kill It?


What do you see in this picture? I see my sweet dog Jane relaxing in our parked car after a run in the dog park. I also see her collar which is still tightened despite the fact that there is no tug on her leash at all.

When we first got Jane we got a dog harnesses, however she was able to slip in and out of it so we needed to buy a collar for her. Being newbies we went to the pet store and picked up a collar that stated ” Training Collar.”  We immediately started using it. We loved the fact she could not slip in and out of it. Yet I would find myself slipping my finger under the chain and loosing it often. I just thought this was normal until we were walking her one day and someone suggested that we get her a Maringale collar. The person stated they had a collar just like ours,but it began to collapse their dogs throat and the dog would grunt even when the collar was not on.

Later that week we were once more in the pet store when Jane meet another doggy friend and they began to play.  The friend was wearing a similar collar and began to grunt uncontrollably and the owners stated she was choking. The owners placed their fingers around the chain and released the tension. They reported that this happens all the time and it takes their dog some time to recover.  Well, I was very concerned and began to research about the collar we had chosen.

I was shocked at what I discovered. This collar has no protective feature built in. It will choke your dog as long as it pulls away on the leash.  This was shocking ,because I just assumed it was safe when we bought it . Also if you leave this collar on when you are not supervising your dog it can catch on something and choke your little doggy love to death.

Needless to say Jane no longer wears this collar. I really feel that this collar should of come with a warning or directions of use.

Disclaimer : I am no pet expert. I am just a fellow concerned dog owner.

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