Shopping List for Your Dog’s First Day Home

When we first took Jane home we bought all kinds of stuff. Some of it was useful , and some of it was very much incorrect. This guide is going to give you the bare essentials of what you need to own a dog. I am hoping by writing this I help save you from some of the mistakes we made.

  1. Dog Food – It is best to get the brand that your dog is already use to eating.  I recommend using this brand for at least 2 weeks , before switching the brand. There is going to be a lot of change for you and your new pup when they enter into a new household. Don’t let food be another thing they have to adjust to the first few weeks.
  2. A Collar– I recommend just a standard flat or rolled collar or a martingale collar. These collars are adjustable and will not choke or harm your dog.  Our very fist collar was a harness. Which is a really bad choice for a young puppy for many reasons. 1 ) they can wiggle out of it if the fit is not right 2) It did not train our dog to look at us when we were walking her. The next collar we bought was  what we thought was a training collar, but it turns out it was a choke collar. That collar was pretty scary it would tighten around Jane’s neck whenever she pulled. Plus if it is left on too long and you are not paying attention it may catch on something and choke your little love to death.  That collar was an absolute No. No. We have no tried a prong or head halter.  However, if you stick to the martingale or the flat / rolled collar your pup will be safe and you will be able to leash train it easier
  3.  A Leash and Tag– Ok here is another thing we did not do 100% right. The first leash we bought was a retractable leash. Our thing was that we could let her play in fields or other areas, but when we needed to hold her close we would bring the leash in. Well here is the trick with the retractable leash; dog trainers hate it. The first day in puppy school we were asked to buy a standard 6ft leash. Also a standard leash can be dropped and you can stand on it while you pay for your coffee or checking out at Macy’s.  The retractable leash is not as versatile in that way.
  4. A Crate- yes you will need a crate. Puppies and new dogs are getting use to their new environment and when you can’t look at them 100% you really should crate them. We resisted this idea for so long. However, our little puppy decided that the furniture was a chew toy when we were not looking or she did other mischief.  Thus after a month we decided to crate her. We are sooo happy that we did.  It allowed us to address any bad behavior while it occurred. Now when our little monster is running around the house there is no destruction, because we were able to nip her problematic behavior in the bud. Also now she loves her crate she just climbs in there sometimes to nap or play with her toys. It is like her room.
  5. Doggy Shampoo and Conditioner- preferably one that also fights ticks and fleas. This little creatures get pretty stinky and need baths often.
  6. A Dog Blanket– Not only is a blanket a soft surface for a dog to roll around in. It automatically will help the dog decipher what is it’s space and what is not. You can bring the blanket to your friend’s house and the dog will start laying in the spot that you place the blanket. You can also use it to make the crate cozy or to mark the dogs area on the couch or bed.
  7. Dog Toothpaste and Toothbrush– Need I say more
  8. Dog Brush– but only if you are really going to use it. Be honest with yourself now.
  9. A Container to place dog food and water in- any kind will do for now
  10.  A Dog Bed– The dog will love their areas in the house. They really need a place to go when they want to relax. We got ours at Ross super cheap and Jane loves it.
  11. Puppy training pads– Honestly we might of been able to skip these.  Just taking the dog out regularly will mostly eliminate the need for these pads. Plus we found the pads just confused Jane. She became unsure if we wanted her to go inside or outside.  For us the ultimate goal was outside, so the pads set us back a few steps. If you want your dog to always go inside they may be a good idea for you.
  12. Toys- our dog is not picky she will play with anything. I am sure we could of made homemade toys out of rope and old t-shirts and that would of worked well.
  13. Training Treats– If you want to train your dog you are going to need treats.


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